Piero Gilardi


Dennis Oppenheim

back to basics

Pair of Ivory Clappers in Form of Human Hands
Egypt, 1539 - 1190 BC (XVIII-XIX Dynasty, New Kingdom)

he is absolutely uninhabitable
a thankless star
remove star
remove thankless
remove a
replace with he has a special way of speaking
but it seems only to make him more like other men

this is one place and here every kid is armed
so where you going
only sometimes we don’t see the guns
sometimes yes
sometimes no
the town and always references to down and out
down from des moines
up from somewhere
missed by chance
didn’t even see it
thought it was a threat to house and home
why didn’t you come up to the big town
no thanks
looking back
didnt get the up and down part
how could i have missed it

this is not a record
this is a story

from The Park
by Robert Ashley

Nam June PaikTV Garden